The critics of papal infallibility feel that the letter of Pope Honorius to a Monothelite heretic is example which demolishes the doctrine once and for all. Here, they contend, is an example of a pope teaching error. After the pope’s death, an ecumenical council (The Third Council of Constantinople) allegedly condemned him. What could be more contradictory than an infallible pope being condemned by an infallible council?

However, in their excitement the critics have overlooked something — the facts. The controversy stems from a letter that Pope Honorius wrote to Sergius, the Monothelite heretic. The Monothelite heresy maintained that Jesus had only one will, a divine will. The Church had always taught that Jesus was fully God and fully man. As such, He had both a divine and a human will. Before the heresy was widely known, Sergius sought to get the pope’s approval by deception. In a letter to the pope he stated that Jesus never opposed the Father. Consequently, if two persons agree they may be spoken of as being of “one will.” The pope, unaware of Sergius’ deception, answered to the subject of Christ’s “opposition” to the Father. He wrote in part: “We confess one will of our Lord Jesus Christ . . . Since Christ’s human will is faultless there can be no talk of opposing wills.” Subsequently, Monothelites fraudulently used this statement as proof that the pope believed with them that Christ had no human will. Pope Honorius was deceived and then misrepresented.

Furthermore, the Third Council of Constantinople condemned him for inaction because he did nothing to stop the heresy but not for teaching heresy. In any event, his letter was private. Thus, the issue of infallibility never even entered the picture.


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      1. remsaga says:

        I was wondering if you took time in studying the Rosary? I was preparing for a written history about it but I can use your post if you have and you gave me permission to post it

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      2. I have an article about Rosary and yes you may post it. You have my permission brother. Laus Deum!


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        Brother, good day! If you have any articles on Lent, can I publish it? Is Catholic Fortress yours also?


      4. I do have articles for Lent. Go ahead brother you may publish them.


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